Android App Development Experts

Android has by far the largest worldwide user base. We’ll take your concept and create a beautiful app that will be a great experience for your users. We will take your vision through our app design process to focus its goals and create the functionality it needs. Whether your app is a tool for your existing customers or employees, we can leverage the power of the Android platform to get the job done – reaching your Android users, or the world.

Android Design


Our design process focuses on goals, function, form, and feel. Apps that are clearly focused on their goal are intuitive to use, and offer power to their users to accomplish that goal. With the goal clearly in mind we define the functions that we need to accomplish it. We organize those functions in to a logical app flow, and then we make it both beautiful and self explanatory as our graphic artists fill out the colors, art, icons, and branding elements.

We use the latest app design tools, and we can also work with your complete or partially complete design.

Android Development


Our developers us MVVM architecture to create stable, high performance applications that are easy to upgrade and maintain.

We develop in Kotlin and Java to create native Android apps. Our developers will bring the functionality of the app to life, as well as create a smooth feel as people navigate through the app.

android app development


Apps run on the cloud, and that means you need experts in setting up a database and processing code that all your apps can access. AWS, .net, Google Cloud, Firebase, … We can work with your preferred platform or help you choose the cloud hosting service that will best work with your app.

Secure logins, user profiles, transaction records, your merchandise, social posts, scheduling data, photos, videos, all require a back-end that is responsive and scalable. Our team offers full-stack development to give your app the robust back-end support it needs.

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In the end, an app isn’t just a pretty face. That may be what draws people in, but apps need to integrate with a database, a website, other APIs, payment processors, advertising and a counterpart app in iOS. The Graf x Apps’ team will create a suite of software that works together for a great end-user experience.

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